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TA-Track is simply a powerful education maintenance tracking tool designed specifically for K-12 education.
All of TA-Track's modules are designed to meet real needs as expressed by real educators.


Work Order Modules

Why use the Internet?

Just for K-12 Education

At the heart of TA-Track is our services tracking system, which uses the internet to provide a simple intuitive interface for your entire district to keep track of work requests.

  • Computer Service - TA-Track helps you deliver computer service to the classroom to ensure that your technology investment is paying off.
  • Facility Maintenance - Keep up with all requests for maintenance in your district.
  • Custodial Services - TA-Track takes into account the custodial services with a simple "non-computer" link to the custodians.

Special - Survey Module

Through the simple TA-Track interface you can create a survey with any number of questions, deliver the survey to your entire organization, or any part of your organization, measure the feedback, and generate detailed reports on the responses.

At the rate of only five cents per response you can't afford to live without the survey module.


  1. Cross Question Reporting

  2. Qualifying Question Summary Statistics

  3. Share surveys between districts.

  4. 8 different question types.

Fixed Assets

The fixed asset module uses an innovative "room checker" method to save time and increase accuracy of keeping up with assets. At a monthly cost of one penny per line item - you can't go wrong using this powerful system.

In addition to the ability to request customized reporting there are several powerful reports in place that allow you to very quickly determine your  district's assets.

Learn more by trying the module out. Click "explore" and scroll down to the fixed asset module.

TA-Track is a K-12 education management tool that keeps your cost down and expands your capabilities by utilizing your internet connectivity. Several advantages are available through the use of the internet for education maintenance tracking:

  • Browser Based Application - The only requirement to utilize TA-Track is the ability to browse the internet.
  • Real Time Reporting - All activity is measured in real time.
  • Global Status - Every user can see the status of their requests.
  • Simple - All of the screens in TA-Track were designed for and approved by educators to ensure that the processes flow smoothly.
  • Immediate Support - Changes to the system can be implemented immediately - no "updates" ever required!

Time is everything

Everyone in your organization is having to perform multiple jobs to keep things going - The last thing you want is additional education software to manage. TA-Track manages itself.

  • The "startup" process only takes a few hours.
  • You can provide is a user list and a list of your locations for us to import.
  • In our studies of time savings at the district level we found that the process of service management went from hours to minutes.
  • In some school districts we have measured a manpower savings of as much as $25.00 on each work order.
  • Support of the application is instantaneous. Many of our support calls end with "Press refresh and try that again." - No more messy patches and re-installs.

New Modules

TA-Track is constantly being improved. We are currently working on an eStore module that allows you to use an eCommerce type site to help your school district keep up with the distribution of supplies.
Please eMail arkay@tatrack.com if you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this application.


TA-Track is not designed for commercial use - it is designed for education.

TA-Track follows the work flow process already established in your school district. Don't adjust your established school maintenance procedures to fit a software application - TA-Track follows what actually works in the unique K-12 Education environment.

The process

As you will discover when you "explore" the TA-Track application, the process of providing services involves several people.

  • End users utilize TA-Track to make work requests and view the status of those requests.
  • Technology Coordinators - At each school in a district there is a single point of contact who coordinates activity for that location.
  • At the district level the manager dispenses the requests and ensures proper handling. The manager can also maintain a birds eye view of the process in place.
  • Technicians no longer worry about cumbersome paperwork. In addition to being able to find their tasks easily they can close them out as the work progresses.

Getting Started

Your entire district can be up and running with TA-Track in a few short hours. A setup fee of $99.99 establishes your account. Unlimited users can either be added by you, or we can import your users for you. After that you simply pay for what you use.

The intuitive interface allows you to get started immediately!

Call Administrative Tracking Applications at (205)281-1754.

You can try out the application by clicking on "explore", or call and we will be happy to give you a FREE guided tour as well as a FREE cost analysis to determine your savings.

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